Kind and Cranky (6-Sentence Story)

Another week rolls by, it’s time for a new round of 6-Sentence Stories hosted by the lovely and talented, Denise!  This week’s prompt is ERUPTION.  For more info, here’s her link:


Her door chimes sounded like the eruption of a heavy-metal band’s finale, jerking Zorah from sleep (dream about her brother), her heart jackhammer-ing into ribs as she moved from bed to window fast as arthritic hips allowed, and squinted at the landlord.

Hollering “wait a minute!”, she pulled on tousled sweat clothes, opened the door—“Mr Cardelli, I wasn’t expecting you…did you not receive the rent check I mailed last week?”

He smiled broadly, hoping to un-wrinkle the frown consuming her countenance (he imagined she’d die of terminal crankiness one day); “I did receive it, thank you—that’s not why I’ve stopped by”; he stood calmly, the space between them filling with silence like pools of still rainwater; Zorah was a mix of confused irritation…he had no tools, nor safety latch in hand—“what brings you here, Mr Cardelli?”

He spoke warmly, “Miss Foote, why don’t you call me ‘Card’—everybody does”; she didn’t respond, he continued: “just wanted to know how you’re doing—you were distressed, last time we spoke…I was concerned,” he shrugged.

Zorah pondered his face as though never noticing it in the decades she’d been his tenant—he had kind eyes; she supposed women found him handsome, olive complexion and silvering black hair of his Italian ancestry (she’d not been bold to ask if he was married); she turned her gaze as he remarked how well she kept her lawn, garden—unmoved by his compliment she replied with scoffing hint:  “yeah, I have to pay a college kid top dollar to maintain your property”.

“Well, I bring good news—the last crew didn’t measure up, and I’ve hired a new grounds-keeping company…so you’re free to let the college boy go”; he half-expected she’d request reimbursement, but she remained mutely expressionless until pivoting to go inside, she said, “I hope they don’t start early in the morning like those other guys:  loud…spewing gas fumes from the weedwhacker-mower in my window”; Mr Cardelli nodded his hope, disguising doubt with beaming smile, and bid her ‘arrivederci’.

©Staarlz, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

18 thoughts on “Kind and Cranky (6-Sentence Story)

    • What a blessing you are–thank you so much, Brother! In case you’re interested, I suspect I’ll be combining Zorah and our beloved Bedelia at some point…now that will be a challenge to keep the 6-sentence structure! 🙂 Have a much-blessed weekend!


    • Hi Simon, thanks much for your thoughtful words! Yes, if you read the previous episode, “Zorah’s Near-Stroke”–you’ll be up to date, but please don’t feel any obligation. The first one just gives you a bit of background 🙂 Blessings to you!


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