Too Much Talk (ha’sonnet)


She talks talks talks

Thus presently

He takes long walks

Mindless chatter

Lacks gray matter

Please zip peach lips

©Staarlz, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

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Summer, Like Shiny Coins (sijo)

Summer, season of longer days’ hopes, unspent dreams to squander

Like shiny coins filling tall glass jar of imagination

Summer, what can I buy to keep you close when Time’s thief draws near?

©Staarlz, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Kind and Cranky (6-Sentence Story)

Another week rolls by, it’s time for a new round of 6-Sentence Stories hosted by the lovely and talented, Denise!¬† This week’s prompt is ERUPTION.¬† For more info, here’s her link:¬†


Her door chimes sounded like the eruption of a heavy-metal band’s finale, jerking Zorah from sleep (dream about her brother), her heart jackhammer-ing into ribs as she moved from bed to window fast as arthritic hips allowed, and squinted at the landlord.

Hollering “wait a minute!”, she pulled on tousled sweat clothes, opened the door—“Mr Cardelli, I wasn’t expecting you…did you not receive the rent check I mailed last week?”

He smiled broadly, hoping to un-wrinkle the frown consuming her countenance (he imagined she’d die of terminal crankiness one day); “I did receive it, thank you—that’s not why I’ve stopped by”; he stood calmly, the space between them filling with silence like pools of still rainwater; Zorah was a mix of confused irritation…he had no tools, nor safety latch in hand—“what brings you here, Mr Cardelli?”

He spoke warmly, “Miss Foote, why don’t you call me ‘Card’—everybody does”; she didn’t respond, he continued: “just wanted to know how you’re doing—you were distressed, last time we spoke…I was concerned,” he shrugged.

Zorah pondered his face as though never noticing it in the decades she’d been his tenant—he had kind eyes; she supposed women found him handsome, olive complexion and silvering black hair of his Italian ancestry (she’d not been bold to ask if he was married); she turned her gaze as he remarked how well she kept her lawn, garden—unmoved by his compliment she replied with scoffing hint:¬† “yeah, I have to pay a college kid top dollar to maintain your property”.

“Well, I bring good news—the last crew didn’t measure up, and I’ve hired a new grounds-keeping company…so you’re free to let the college boy go”; he half-expected she’d request reimbursement, but she remained mutely expressionless until pivoting to go inside, she said, “I hope they don’t start early in the morning like those other guys:¬† loud…spewing gas fumes from the weedwhacker-mower in my window”;¬†Mr Cardelli nodded his hope, disguising doubt with beaming smile, and bid her ‘arrivederci’.

©Staarlz, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.

Letter-A-Week Challenge, Lemur

Answering the “Letter-a-Week” challenge, for letter “L”.¬† Do click the link to get accurate info–I used the host’s drawing and her 5 prompt words: laundromat, lovey-doveyness, lamentable, launch, lemur.¬† Note: I took liberty with characteristics NOT described of lemurs…hope this doesn’t offend.

Twinkly-eyed, young lust

With deliberate blindness she

Ignored each warning sign

Following paltry wedding a

Marriage doomed was launched

Mornings, he left for work…she

Carried clothes to laundromat

She’d imagined them doing everything

Together: washing dishes after dinner

Folding laundry ‘mid teasing lovey-doveyness

Reality lacked slimmest similarity

To envisioned relationship—

He hadn’t least interest in knowing

Her as a person separate from himself

Worthy of caring notice

They had not one thing in common

He expected she’d support his

Goals, share his activities…never

Considering what she might need

Wish from life, marriage

Lamentable, his self-consumed greed

Stinginess; his shallow insensitivity

Lack of compassion, soon became

Abusive control, cruelty

Afraid to speak, she nodded obeisance

To commands: found employment

Relinquished every paycheck to him—

3rd year, she’d gaze at him when his

Attention was elsewhere…and began

Seeing something, someone different from

The man she’d eagerly surrendered to

Typing at clerical job, she’d ponder

His vaguely altering, deceptive face—

On a Sunday at church it suddenly

Struck her, as with a hand

She stood alone several feet away

As he socialized, drinking coffee

His features (ever stern, furious

Despising, cold toward her)

Slid aside like frosted windows

To reveal congenial smile

Engaging personality with others

His brief glance her way flashed—

She saw his face clearly

It resembled strangest mask

Yet she felt chill of certainty

Indeed, he’d changed—

She saw face of a rogue lemur

And crumpling to the floor, fainted

Pale as skim milk moon.

©Staarlz, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.


Bird woman is she

Surrounded by her friends of a feather

 Perhaps on quiet bookshelves, perching

Some secured in cages, musing

Each quite distinctive, watch her

Potter ’round murmuring

To someone unseen, one she

Loved before “birdies”

Flock’s small, mostly, living life

Framed in prints; shaped glass, ceramic

Wee bead eyes for those clothed with fabric

Sporting their fine factory-made pinions

Wood parrot spies, hides ‘mid territory

Tall houseplant, its green leaves twining

At Christmas dressed ‘pretties’

Adorned artificial tree, and she

Twittered to them cheerily

None of them had ever flown

Nor would…they were kindred

Spirits, knew that neither had she

(Stunted by binding Past, her wings)

Contented but caged, can’t fly freely

©Staarlz, 2022 ~ All rights reserved.